Every journey starts with a single step

It’s been now one month since I came back from Thailand. And what a month! Long story short, I already attended 7 entrepreneurship events, I won two ticket for this weekend to go to one of the biggest start-up event in Europe. I am now working on setting up my own web service and collaborating on two other ones, possibly three. I am working 10 hours a day on average, grew my LinkedIn network by 20% and learned new programming skills. Very exciting also, I am about to move out next to Lausanne by the end of the month with some of my best friends. On top of that, I have decided to work on my public speaking skills by following the Toastmasters courses, which is a consequence of my meeting with public speaking expert John Zimmer during one of my entrepreneurship course. This guy is really great (and he featured my story on his blog). I set up a daily routine that integrates two meditation sessions morning and evening, which I am super proud to have been able to maintain at 100% success for the last 30 days. I am increasing by 5 minutes the duration of the meditation sessions every week, and thus tomorrow’s sessions will last 25-min. At this rate I should reach my objective of 60-min/session twice a day by the 2nd of May 2016. My last attempt failed at 45-min/session 2 years ago when I broke up with my girlfriend. I am determined at least to beat that. Aside, I am reading Warren Buffet’s biography which is quite interesting. That’s all for today. Keeping you posted. Kiss flex.

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