The Available Time Wall

Long story short: It’s Baghdad in my agenda, but I still meditate.


Gosh, already one month since I last wrote you. Time is flying like a potato in a potato cannon (that is: super fast). So fast that I can hardly follow actually. I won’t review my progress with you now, I think it’s kinda long and may not be of utmost interest. Feel free to ask questions in the comments.

One interesting thing is that I have finally hit the Available Time Wall. That is, now I can’t say “yes” to anything without it having a direct consequence on my sleeping time or social life. Two months ago when I came back from Thailand I was like “Hey let’s say yes to everything without much thinking and see how things evolve, better be doing something than nothing”. I still don’t know if this was a great idea or not but let me share the results with you:

As an immediate consequence of all these networking events I attended recently, in the past two weeks I was offered 3 co-founding positions in very promising start-ups which I had to decline. I am already actively involved in 4 start-ups now and passively involved in 6 other projects. My to-do list contains 41 tasks, 8 of them being already overdued. On the other side, it forces me to optimize my time, refine my sense of priorities, brings me to heaps of events where I meet fascinating people and other inspiring peers.

And it’s incredibly exciting.

Thanks God I still meditate, more than one hour a day now. Interestingly, keeping my meditation practice is on top of my priorities, like, everything is built around it. It’s like it’s part of my everyday teeth-brushing/sleeping routine: you wouldn’t skip brushing your teeth because you are busy, would you?

Note: I am studying the opportunity of publishing a couple of home-made videos quite soon. Let’s see how you’ll react to it.

PS: I’ve hidden a couple of interesting links here and there.

With entrepreneurial love <3