Quick news

Hi everyone!

This post is going to be short. Just keeping you posted about the things that happened recently or that are about to happen:

My new job at BestMile started last week, it’s really nice, I have a great colleague spending plenty of time teaching me all he knows about everything before he leaves the company and I already learn a lot.

I have two ongoing freelance contracts + the final presentation of my entrepreneurship course that I have to finish by the end of the month. It sounds a bit weird but I should have more free time when I’ll start working full-time (I’m at 30% now).

Also, I had a weird feeling when my HR director asked me to plan when I wanted to have my four weeks of holidays this year. Four weeks. It sounds like 3 days after having done a sabbatical year. Plus, I am not the kind of person who plans things so much in advance.

Apart from this I am now officially facilitator of the homepage team from Dhamma Sumeru Vipassana meditation centre. I am also going through the process of being an official Live Your Legend Local Host and will be facilitating monthly meetings (if you’re interested you can just drop in during the next event). Together with the Toastmasters International club, I think it’s time to calm down

On top of that, I am most likely going to start next month a new start-up project together with the Swisscom Open Innovation programme and the Pirates Hub after winning a special award during the last Startup Weekend in Zurich. The project will be focused on Facebook Messenger chat bots in the context of learning new languages (and you can already follow us).

Finally next week I will go to Amsterdam for the Next Web Conference where I want to discover interesting startup ideas, listen to inspiring talks from the greatest IT entrepreneurs and meet other startup lovers!

Stay busy!


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