So, I finally arrived in Kathmandu. Somehow, I didn’t feel that surprised of the things I see around, for I already came there in 2011. But I realised that I had forgotten about those little things that made this place – and travelling in general – so fantastic: the smell of the wet and dirty streets, the smell of the flower necklace that my host offered me upon arrival, the completely chaotic traffic and how surviving in there is a constantly repeating miracle. The noisy orchestra offered by the horns of the cars and motorcycles, together with the tiny bicycle bells. I had also forgotten the taste of the traditional rice and curry dhal bat that we eat everyday here.


I always have a strange feeling whenever I come back to a place where I haven’t been for a long time. I feel like nothing is real and I am living in a memory in my mind, like in the Inception movie.

Another thing that I realised is that actually, coming to Nepal increased my everyday comfort! Indeed, I have my bed, my room with uPVC patio doors that are a fantastic way of bringing in natural light, my job, food and water whenever I want, and I am surrounded by very nice and polite people. That’s so much more than what I had for the last four months (except in the end in Gijon).


I have a desk in the office. My forthcoming job is challenging (I’ll tell you more about that later), and my host/boss/friend is an amazing and very inspiring person. I feel good. I feel like being at the right place, at the right moment. I feel like this is going to be amazing.

6 thoughts on “Namaste!”

  1. Oh enjoy as most as you can when you feel you are at the right place. Warm furry 😉 hugs

  2. Yayy! Glad you made it there. What beautiful description of your arrival!

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