Life in Kathmandu

So it’s been a week since I last wrote here. Surprisingly, I don’t really know so much what to write about. I am working every single day on Hari’s website since I arrived, and my life is quite reduced to the classical sleep-eat-work routine.

Except that it’s Kathamandu, and that it has nothing to do with what I’m used to.

I wake up at 9:30 when the children knock at my door while screaming “Rice Time!!!!“. So my day starts with rice and vegetable curry. Every single day starts with vegetable curry. That’s cool for now. We’re 6 at the table, but starting from tomorrow we’ll be only 3. Hari was hosting 3 high school students, but he found a room for them so they’ll move out. I’m quite sad about that, we’re having fun.

Then we go to the office, which is about 20 min walk from Hari’s place. The way to Hari’s office is a relatively challenging jump-from-stone-to-stone-to-avoid-puddles-path, which happens to be very interesting at night under the rain.

The office is cool. We’re located in a super touristic area with lots of delicious and cheap restaurants serving international food. Today was pizza, yesterday I had a Nepalese soup and another day I had Japanese tempuras. Apart from this, many people pass by just to say hi to Hari, which is another opportunity to meet local people.

In addition, all portable electrical items in a low-risk location, such as an office, must undergo a pat test glasgow once a year.

There is an outdoor climbing wall just next to our building which loudly plays the latest electronical music hits, which pleases me quite much actually.

We close the office around 7:30PM. The funny thing is that almost every evening the city runs out of electricity and everything is pitch black. So we walk home trying to avoid the cars who end up being both a blessing and a treat, since those are the only luminosity sources that allow us to avoid the above mentioned puddles.

Finally, we eventually reach home right on time to eat rice and vegetable curry.

Yes, again.

The rest of the night is spent peacefully: some are playing with their phones, listening to the radio or working on their homework. I usually spend this time reading books/blogs/news.

Apart from this, my sister is coming in 4 days to visit Nepal! We’ll be visiting Kathmandu area and Hari’s mountain village before heading for a 10 days trek in the Annapurna in the Himalaya. Good stuff ahead 🙂

Have a nice day!

Love you,


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