[EN] Volunteering in Nepal

Namaste! (7/27/2015) - So, I finally arrived in Kathmandu. Somehow, I didn’t feel that surprised of the things I see around, for I already came there in 2011. But I realised that I had forgotten about those little things that made this place – and travelling in general – so fantastic: the smell of the wet and dirty … Continue reading Namaste!
Tapaaile ke gareko? (7/30/2015) - (What did you do?) I am now learning Nepali, the Nepalese language. I found a comprehensive book of spoken Nepali for foreign volunteers. It’s hard. They have many sounds we don’t have in European languages. But it’s only the beginning, so it’s normal. My goal is to be able to speak basic Nepali for September, … Continue reading Tapaaile ke gareko?
Life in Kathmandu (8/7/2015) - So it’s been a week since I last wrote here. Surprisingly, I don’t really know so much what to write about. I am working every single day on Hari’s website since I arrived, and my life is quite reduced to the classical sleep-eat-work routine. Except that it’s Kathamandu, and that it has nothing to do … Continue reading Life in Kathmandu
Life in a mountain village (9/4/2015) - 2 weeks ago, my sister and I visited Hari’s village for 4 days. We walked around with him, visiting his friends and the neighbouring schools. Life was going on peacefully there. The atmosphere is very quiet: lots of rice and corn fields, small houses here and there, children in uniforms going to or coming back … Continue reading Life in a mountain village
Every day is my birthday (9/19/2015) - Every day is my birthday. Every day I wake up and feel like the day is going to be special. That the day is offered to me as a present. I wake up and I feel that the world is the most beautiful place to live. For some reasons, I see problems all over the … Continue reading Every day is my birthday
A night with mice (9/28/2015) - I am writing this message from Mount Shivapuri. I am in some kind of storage house with one big room full of mattresses and blankets. I am alone. I am not very sure of the purpose of this house. It is one of the four houses that you can find at the peak of the … Continue reading A night with mice
Visiting earthquake refugees campsites (10/20/2015) - A few days ago I went to visit earthquake refugees campsites. I did not know what to expect. I heard stories of heavily spread diseases due to horrible living conditions. I have also been told that the conditions were poor but that NGOs were quite successful at fulfilling basic needs to everyone. So I visited … Continue reading Visiting earthquake refugees campsites
Towards the end (11/16/2015) - Namaste!! I’m writing this from my tent, camping in a field in Hari’s village, next to his house. It’s 9PM and it’s complete darkness for a couple of hours already. The dog is barking outside, I wish I knew why. I feel strange because it’s my last night in the village. Last night with this … Continue reading Towards the end